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Don Super Slim Line plug-in

It is a product targeted at stores with small rooms, limited spaces. A wide range of temperatures allows the use of a shelf to sell not only dairy products, salads, sandwiches but also cured meat and meat. Often used in bars, pizzerias and small stores. The possibility of using a shutter and wheels allows “exit” with the product outside the store.
Standard equipment:
540 mm deep
4 × 300 mm adjustable shelves (vertical and horizontal)
Upper lighting
Night blind
Price bars and shelves hurdles
Shelf reinforcement
Available in all colors
Available in stainless version
Electronic controller with display
Panoramic side walls
Available in temperature class: 3M2, 3M1, 3M0
Models: 0.6 m; 0.9 m; 1.0 m; 1.4 m; 1.6 m; 2.0 m, 2.5 m.
Additional equipment:
LED lighting
Lighting for each shelf
Additional shelves
Full sides with mirror veneer