Multideck to expose products of your selection. It draws customer’s attention to unique product placed inside the unit. Good light and easy branding, these are important characteristics of the device. The variety of temperature range in a multideck allows you to store not only drinks or juices but also milk or sandwiches. Since it is lightweight and wheeled it allows you to expose goods in small bars, canteens or sweet shops.

Standard features:

  • 540 mm depth
  • 4×306 mm adjustable shelves
  • Height 1970 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Canopy lighting
  • EPOS strips
  • Available in your color
  • Available in stainless steel version
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • Available in class: 3M2, 3M1.
Additional features:
  • LED lighting
  • Under shelf lighting
  • Additional shelves
  • Slow rise night blind