What really makes this product unique is first and foremost excellent side and upper lighting. It is often equipped (on clients’ request ) in lighting in each shelf. Of course, it is also possible to apply LED lighting. Elegance and durability are additional features. It looks great in INOX version. It has full and glazed sides. Designed to be combined in a line. It offers high capacity and low opeartional cost. Highly valued by technicians servicing refrigerating devices. INOX version is often used in stores with cold meats. Its standard includes fortified shelves which allow heavier load. You can use hooks for meat. It is perfect for sweet shops with high-standard design.

Standard features:

  • 845 mm depth
  • 4×450 mm adjustable shelves
  • Canopy lighting and vertical pillar lighting
  • Slow rise night blind
  • EPOS strips
  • Shelf strengtheners
  • Available in your color
  • Available in stainless steel version
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • Full vision panoramic end wall
  • Available in class: 3M2, 3M1, 3M0
  • Models: 0,9 m; 1,0 m ; 1,4 m; 1,6 m; 2,0 m, 2,5 m.
Additional features:
  • LED lighting
  • Under shelf lighting
  • Security lock with key
  • Additional shelves
  • Mirrored and walls