Regał chłodniczy Don Slim Line

The depth of Don Slim Line series allows to place them in areas with limited space. Wide sides allow you to expose the products offered just the way you like. You can connect a wide range of modules and create wide range of various sequences. Lighting in each multideck significantly exposes products placed on it. It is often used with the wheels for moving the machine.

Standard features:

  • 740 mm depth
  • 4×400 mm adjustable shelves
  • Canopy lighting
  • Slow rise night blind
  • EPOS strips
  • Shelf strengtheners
  • Available in your color
  • Available in stainless steel version
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • Full vision panoramic end wall
  • Available in class: 3M2, 3M1, 3M0
  • Models: 0,6 m; 0,9 m; 1,0 m ; 1,4 m; 1,6 m; 2,0 m, 2,5 m.
Additional features:
  • LED lighting
  • Under shelf lighting
  • Security lock with key
  • Additional shelves
  • Mirrored and walls